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Swiss Tech Startup
Helping Businesses Grow
in the Digital World

Through a focus on fostering the entrepreneurial spirit while supporting the economy, Swiss Tech Startup helps businesses flourish. By creating unique end-to-end digital solutions, we give your company everything it needs to establish itself in the marketplace. Using all the benefits of modern innovations and cutting-edge technological approaches, we ensure your business operates using industry-leading methods.


Partners who already trust us

What is your current situation?

Through an approach that focuses on the importance of human interactions as they relate to purchasing patterns, we strive to understand all aspects of your business before proceeding. Inform our team of your current challenges and short and long term goals. Together, we will establish an arrangement that helps you achieve them while maximizing efficiency and reducing costs.

Business idea

You have a business plan or an idea for a new product or internal project. We will be glad to support you in defining out the roadmap and the right approach to build the solution.

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Technology and products evolve over years and sometimes it is hard to hold the pace. Our team will support you in redefining the product roadmap and take responsibility for the whole development cycle.

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Existing product

Bootstrapping and prototyping is an integral part of building products. Our team can support you in doing an analysis and making proposal for the further development.

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Everybody talks about innovation, but only few can generate great ideas and quickly validate them on the market. We support innovation teams on the whole journey.

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Need a team

Companies are as great as their people are and when you need support, our dedicated product development teams are ready to help you on your journey in design, prototyping, developing & scaling.

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No speak tech?

You need help to understand all the technical aspects of digital product development? We will be glad to support you in technical discussions with your partners or future investors.

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So how can we work together?

After gathering significant industry experience related to all aspects of digital solution development, we bring you these benefits. With services ranging from custom ERP development to scalable smart systems, we employ the best technologies for your business to thrive.

Solution Development

Innovation is all about creating new solutions for existing problems. Our team offers you a variety of approaches how to generate new ideas for your business, how to validate them on the market and how to build a sustainable product roadmap for future releases. Either you are looking for someone to take over the complete digital development process or you are looking for a dedicated team for building your solution.

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Company Digitalisation

Creativity and innovation are necessary for progress, and digitalization is an essential part of that process. We work closely with different companies, including startups, to harness the intrinsic benefits of digitalization. We are different because we have a deep insight into the way businesses work, from the ground up. Therefore, we are able to quickly asses the situation and figure out the best approach for an effective digitalization path.

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Expert Professionals - Effective Solutions

Drawing on significant expertise from our team of professionals, we provide complete services to startup ventures. To discover more about how our detailed services can benefit your growing enterprise, visit our services pages or reach out to us today!

Manufacturing & Engineering

Property & Facility Management

Media & Entertainment

Insurance & Healthcare

Logistics & Transportation

Finance & Wealth Management

What about technologies we worked with?

With an understanding that all businesses are unique, we use a diverse set of technological approaches to meet your specific needs. Our goal is to find you the most efficient method of meeting your business goals through the use of:

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

BigData & Analytics

Internet of Things (IoT)

eCommerce, CRM & ERP

Augmented- & Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

Web & Mobile Development

What is our most valuable USP?

After seeing significant success in the industry, we learned the true value of: "The Power of the Platform". Since 2015, we have focused on creating a balanced ecosystem of partners in a diverse cross-section of industries, each benefiting from the expertise of one another. Through the collaboration of academics, venture corporations, and others, we fostered a broad portfolio that enables us to meet the unique needs of our extensive clientele.

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Together We Can Create Amazing Possibilities!

We have a track record for successful digital innovation. Talk to us about how we can bring your idea to life. Our team is ready to work with you, so call us today.

Forward thinking digital leadership and strong long-term relationships are integrative part of the success in digital innovation.

Edgar Kussberg, CEO of Swiss Startup Tech