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#1 Swiss Venture Platform
Bring Your Goals To Fruition

Bringing together the expertise of our skilled team of professionals, Swiss Tech Startup is the leading digital solutions platform in Switzerland. Benefit from our experienced team as we offer comprehensive solutions for your business’ needs. With a primary focus on CTO, product development, and digitization, we ensure your company stays competitive in the modern era.


What do we value the most?

  • Walk the talk - we are very precise in our communication and practice clear expectation management. Our working language is English.
  • Solutions we build are always tailored to partner needs, including high code quality, the latest security standards and well documented.
  • No skeletons in the closet nor any contracting tricks, upon the payment in full, the whole source code (IP) belongs to you 100%.
  • Justified urgency is OK for us. With us you have no time zone issues - we located in Europe, face-to-face meetings are very welcome.
  • Our dedicated product development teams don't need constant management nor babysitting. We focus on delivery and actively practice proactive feedback and ongoing co-creation with partners.
  • Knowledge-sharing between teams is essential for the successful long-term partnership, so we will support you in facilitating this.
  • Last but not the least, we take security and privacy always as an  integral part of every solution we develop. We talk GDPR.

How do we usually work?


Active listening for in-depth solutions. We stand out above the competition because of our ability to fully understand exactly what the client needs. To do that, we pay attention to the key factors that impact delivery, including objectives, challenges, and results. Next, we work with the client to develop the best strategy for planning design and development. At this stage, there is a lot of on-going communication across different stakeholders as well as constant feedback.


Once we are sure that we have an aligned vision, we proceed to create a clear concept design. Naturally, we do this with close input from the client and do our best to bring together the overall vision for the project. This includes the feel, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of the project as well as the visual content. It all has to come together in one harmonious whole.


Applying proven techniques to bring your idea to life. This stage is where the production cycle of your project takes place. Of course, this is after developing a design that you are satisfied with. We apply several techniques, including Agile, Scrum, and Kanban, to breathe life to your idea.


At this point, your product is ready after going through numerous tests to ensure high quality and standards. Everything is properly documented as we work in collaboration with our clients to deliver solutions that meet their needs. Final delivery takes place after the client's approval.


We provide continuous support long after delivery. Basically, we are with you every step of the way to provide support and maintenance once you deploy your solution. We provide different options that are fully customizable for both short and long-term support. You do not have to guess your way out of any hitch or glitch, as we will be there for you.

The power of the platform

Since 2013 our main focus was building sustainable ecosystem of different partners who can accelerate the innovation and support each other through the whole journey: corporate venturing & innovation, variety of growth services, academia & ecosystem partners, broad investment portfolio and tailored venture asset management services.

Together We Can Create Amazing Possibilities!

We have a track record for successful digital innovation. Talk to us about how we can bring your idea to life. Our team is ready to work with you, so call us today.

Forward thinking digital leadership and strong long-term relationships are integrative part of the success in digital innovation.

Edgar Kussberg, CEO of Swiss Startup Tech