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Blick AR

Enchanced user experience via integration of AR content

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The content of Blick and SonntagsBlick are enhanced by AR using image based recognition. Whenever the reader sees the AR symbol in print he can use the mobile phone to display additional content. This can be for example a video or a rendered 3D model. The augmented content is displayed on top of the underlying paper and adjusts perfectly to its position. The editor uses a web interface to enhance the content through a simple drag and drop interface. Besides the regular papers the process is also used to enhance add-on magazines, such as the Ford or DigitalDay specials.


We used Augmara‘s AR CMS and SDK to create an enhanced version for Ringier. This included the development of additional features and adjustments needed for the smooth deployment in the Blick App. Furthermore, we were responsible for the technical delivery of magazine specials which included the development of dedicated iOS and Android mobile applications and the setup of independent content instances. Throughout the process we stabilized and improved many features of the original CMS. We manage the deployment of the application and support its operations.

Augmenter Reality
Angular JS
Objective C / Swift
Java / Kotlin
Media & Entertainment

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