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Pricing transparency for used cards

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A key to succeeding in the car rental industry is customer perception. This approach facilitated success by offering increased value to those using Caroki as a provider. Using a subscription model, the customer pays a fixed monthly rate and gains the advantages of full transparency in pricing. Through an all-inclusive model, the customer pays a set fee to rent the vehicle on a monthly basis. This fosters trust in the pricing model, a technique proven to reduce attrition, and enables the client to fully understand the service being purchased.


Caroki organizes the process and manages the cars for consumers to increase user-friendliness and the burden on the customer. We handled this unique project by:

  • Performing end-to-end process management from the concept to prototyping
  • Implementing the solution based on validated user feedback
  • Creating a user-focused business model that streamlines complex processes

We built a functional prototype from scratch during the 3 month acceleration period led by the Swiss Startup Factory. In close collaboration with the project team we transformed the business requirements into user stories and mockups. Using modern web technology we implemented the defined use cases and deployed the application for user testing.

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