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Online grocery market with same day delivery

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Food does not have to travel halfway around the world to land on your table. The shorter the distances, the fresher the goods. That's why we like to buy our goods from producers on and around the lake. Better for the producers. Better for the freshness. Fruits and vegetables, meat and sausage products, eggs and dairy products, drinks and specialities from the Lake Constance region are our speciality. Almost one third of all Germans are interested in buying food online. But so far the offer is mostly too expensive, too slow or is delivered in vast quantities of packaging.


With a mission to implement a completeERP system that pairs with a mobile application, we enabled same-day grocerysupply chain controls. From procurement to smart solutions to warehousing, we streamlined the process to minimize costs for the company. By optimizing last-mile delivery approaches, we provide an effective solution to consumers, which facilitates an increase in market shares.

Following our innovative protocols, the team:

  • Identified the scope of the project itself, which included ERP technology and mobile application software development.
  • Assessed the necessary control mechanisms, namely an Android App.
  • Used cutting-edge technology to create the most viable solution. Ultimately, the system used Node JS, Angular JS, Digital Ocean, MongoDB, and machine learning.

A successful approach to the goal of providing a streamlined online supermarket, the solutions used above increased efficiency while lowering the company’s overheads substantially.

Angular JS
Big Data
Java / Kotlin
Machine Learning
Node JS
Web & Mobile Development
eCommerce, CRM & ERP
Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
Logistics & Transportation

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