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Swiss Personal Finance Platform

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Everyone's personal financial data is fragmented across many institutions. This includes both bankable assets from the many accounts people have, and non-bankable assets, such as jewellery and other valuable items. There is no way to have a 360 degree view on the overall wealth as a private person. It would be great to have a personal finance advisor in your pocket, that aggregates all your information from your bank accounts, investment portfolios and insurance policies to assemble a complete picture of your financial life. It should use machine learning to categorize your spendings and allow you to match them with your budgets.


We led the development in the role of the interim CTO from prototype to the first market release. In the first phase of the project the technical feasibility was assessed by implementing a proof of concept. This proof of concept contained the aggregation, storage and presentation of financial information from banks and insurance companies. After presentation to the management the product roadmap was defined, the technology stack was specified and a distributed tech team of 6 people was established. Together with the product owner of the client the team created a full version of the product for market release. This included desktop and mobile interfaces. Once released the project and team was handed over to a newly recruited in-house CTO for further development.

Machine Learning
Big Data
React JS
Node JS
Finance & Wealth Management

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