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Our partner has been working for multiple years on using controllable lighting to make the home shine in a new light. In keeping with the client’s goals to become a leader in the cloud-based ecosystem, we developed a solution to help them thrive. Through a mission to transition from smart lighting to a cloud-based control mechanism, we promoted the offering of a truly personalized living environment.


Using our proven methodology, we proceeded to:

  • Define the scope: Our team conducted an assessment of the necessary hardware and software development requirements.
  • Generated infrastructure: Using AWS technology and an on-premise model approach, we cultivated a system that is both user-friendly for the customer and low cost for the business.
  • Followed through with protocols: To facilitate success, we engaged with Zigbee, Wifi, and Bluetooth mechanisms to engage the maximum market share. - Additional control mechanisms: In order to further success, we enhanced usability through native app development and remote control features.
  • Technology and advancement: Through the use of cloud data and machine learning, we enable the smart living offering to provide optimum value.
  • Integration: Working to assimilate this mechanism with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTT, and Apple HomeKit, we offered the smart living company the best opportunities to succeed.

Through this approach, the system grew to success while limiting production time and investment.

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