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“We hire for will and train for skill.”

We believe in people who exhibit an extra pinch of eager motivation to develop themselves rapidly over a short period of time and are ready to give their all on the way to becoming future rock stars of the digital world. How do we hire people?

  • EQ (emotional quotient)
    What is your guidance to understand peoples emotions, doubts and motivation? What do you value in communication and relationship building?
  • CQ (cultural quality)
    What significance do the company you work for and the people you work with have in your life?
  • IQ (intellectual quotient)
    How do you approach new challenges at work? Are you keen on spending time and learning something new outside of your domain?
  • EL (energy level)
    How do you refill your energetic level and recharge the power? What drains you and what – apart from coffee – fuels your energy levels?
  • EKS (experience, knowledge, skills)
    How do you employ your experience, knowledge and skills in order to leave a lasting impact and reach results?

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Forward thinking digital leadership and strong long-term relationships are integrative part of the success in digital innovation.

Edgar Kussberg, CEO of Swiss Startup Tech