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Swiss Startup Tech AG is a technology and innovation company that collaborates with both startups and corporate bodies. We create formidable relationships with these two stakeholders because of the amount of value we place on them. One of our values is to connect startups with relevant corporate entities and empower them by using existing solutions on the market and utilize proven frameworks for rapid continuous growth.

Session: Internet of Things and AWS Grasshopper 

AWS Swiss Summit

This was the first event of its kind that AWS organized in Switzerland. The event was an amazing success, and we ended up establishing great connections to lots of technology companies and also connected with great market leaders. We talked about important topics like DevSecOps, Multi-Cloud, IoT, and 5G. We also had the opportunity to talk to companies like New Relic, Watchdog, Snowflake and other great product companies.

Having these events can be great and the feeling can be amazing but sometimes people attend these types of events and come out empty-handed. They end up not making any relevant connections and have not marketed their startup to anyone important. With this in mind, we have realized that attending such events is one thing while taking advantage of it is a different ball game.

The question is, how then can you maximize your presence in such meetings and how do you make the most out of such events?

How your visit to the event can be successful.

If you want your visit to the event to be successful, there are certain things you must do.

  • Goal. What exactly do you want to achieve by attending that event? Are you just going for the fun of it or do you have a specific objective in mind?
  • Agenda. Check the agenda of the event beforehand and connect with people who would be at the event via LinkedIn before the event.
  • Plan. Formulate a clear agenda for your team that will accompany you to the event. Define which keynotes are interesting for your domain and who you want to talk in person.
  • Strategy. Schedule a post-event meeting with your team, deliberate on the findings and experience gathered. How relevant is it to your brand and what are the follow-ups?
  • Connect. Try to build digital or personal relationships with people after the event via LinkedIn and schedule meetings with them to deepen your relationship with them.

These tips will help you make the most of the events that you attend. By using the platform created by HubSpot we were able to successfully connect to multiple interesting partners. We used the mobile app with business card scanner that helped us to keep track of all the people we met at the event and also enables you to set up meetings with them via automated emails and calendar scheduling.

Currently, we are planning on creating an essential setup for our clients that will enable them to make a fast entrance into the digital world by using such tools like HubSpot, Asana, Webflow, Shopify, AWS Startups, Google Cloud, and many others.

If you feel like your domain might benefit by enabling digitization, reach out to our team by sending an email to request@ssut.ch.

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