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From building smart synergies at World Web Forum and Swisscom IoT Day 2020, to leveraging the power of video at Venturesome, we had a great start into 2020. Without further ado, let us dive into it.

World Web Forum 2020 — The fundamental building block of Smart Cities

Swiss Startup Tech CEO Edgar Kussberg presenting the vision of Smart City at World Web Forum 2020.

Over a hundred innovation leaders from around the world, 1,500 young entrepreneurs, company directors and investors were part of this year’s World Web Forum from January 16 to 17 in Zurich. Thousands watched the talks live on the screens. At the largest digital conference in Switzerland on the topic of “Digital Transformation & Thought Leadership”, one key question was: “What do we have to do today to create values ​​that are sustainable for the next generation?”

At Swiss Startup Tech we believe that in order to build sustainable smart cities we need to gather forces and work together towards building an ecosystem. As a member of Smart City Alliance we were honored to present the strategy of Smart City at the Smart City Track. It was a great pleasure and inspiring to share and discuss our vision with the panelists, guests and learn a lot of valuable insights.

Check out the impressions from the Smart City Track and visit our Smart City keynote here.

Edgar Kussberg CEO of Swiss Startup Tech during the presentation of Smart City at World Web Forum 2020.
The Smart City Track panelists (Roger Krieg, Alain André Bützberger, Edgar Kussberg and Corine Thommen) discussing the Smart City challenges at World Web Forum 2020.

Swisscom IoT Day 2020 : Co-creating a smart ecosystem with partners & customers

Swisscom IoT Day 2020

IoT is connecting outcomes and having an impact in Switzerland. It was an amazing round-up of innovation and collaboration at this year’s Swisscom IoT Day 2020 and one important thing was clear:

IoT solutions can only be a great success, if co-created as an ecosystem with partners & customers.

We found it very useful to exchange strategies and experiences with adoption of IoT, BigData and AI in different industries. LoraWan coverage is increasing over years, release of 5G is around the corner on the other hand it was great to see so many Swiss hardware manufacturers, who are open for the cooperation to achieve more value for the customer by using emerging technologies, like for example AI on the edge.

Check out the impressions from the Swisscom IoT Day 2020 for yourself:

Swiss success formula of building IoT solutions, Swisscom
IoT market overview by Julian Dömer

Walk’n’Talk at Venturesome: Leveraging the power of video

Edgar Kussberg, CEO of Swiss Startup Tech getting ready for his “Walk’n’Talk”

Venturesome started as a video production company, then realized that a lot of companies struggle with sharing and utilizing videos. Therefore, they established the social media management company MoneyTree. They support companies with understanding the power of digital marketing and providing them KPI based guarantee for successful cooperation. We had a great talk while walking on treadmill about the product development strategy, leadership, and what makes a great entrepreneur — video & podcast will follow.

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