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Solution Development

From the concept stage to the final product, we are intensely focused on building solutions that users love. We have proven expertise and harness all possible resources to ensure that your solutions deliver the exact functions you need. Plus, we have our team always on hand to provide quick and efficient support and maintenance once your solution is deployed. You can count on our dedicated team to provide high-quality results.

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How We Can Work Together

Innovation is our watchword, which is why we focus on discovering creative solutions to existing problems. We pay attention to detail and ensure that every product we put out is relevant and sustainable.

Discovery & Ideation

Basically, we listen. This means we are passionate about truly understanding your needs and then coming up with a clear concept for your idea.

Design & Prototyping

Our team of designers gets to work, producing a functional prototype. We get a lot of feedback from potential customers at this point. Generally, we pay as much attention to the UI/UX as we do the backend for a fully functional product.

Development & Delivery

Finally, we do not just build and hands-off. We are with you through every stage of the development process until your product is ready. Also, we provide the necessary support and maintenance long after the delivery of the solution.

What Does Our Setup Look Like?

Well, everything we do is because of the excellent people on our team. Every member of our team is fully equipped to understand the scope of the work as well as the possible challenges. As well as strategic and creative methods to achieve desired goals through our managed or dedicated teams.

Managed Team

Our managed teams work on your project while closely supervised by our project managers. We organize frequent reviews and weekly meetings to evaluate progress.

Dedicated Team

Carefully selected and tailored to meet your needs, our dedicated teams will work closely with you to deliver your project as fast as possible with achieving high quality.

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Together We Can Create Amazing Possibilities!

We have a track record for successful digital innovation. Talk to us about how we can bring your idea to life. Our team is ready to work with you, so call us today.

Forward thinking digital leadership and strong long-term relationships are integrative part of the success in digital innovation.

Edgar Kussberg, CEO of Swiss Startup Tech